The International Symposium on Integrative Pediatrics will foster Brazilian initiatives, congregating leaders from several countries in the Americas, Europe and Middle East sharing successful experience and scientific research on behalf of the expansion of high quality in child and adolescent care.

We will bring the long experience from Canada and the United States (where the concept originated in the cradle of the American Academy of Pediatrics), countries that already offer medical residency in the field of pediatric integrative medicine.


We will also present consistent experience in integrative pediatric oncology from Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Israel and Brazil, besides other consolidated experience in general pediatrics from countries such as Netherlands, Chile and Switzerland.


We will be exploring the themes of best practices associated with research, as well as the aspects involving teaching and public healthcare.


With the support from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) through the Brazilian Academic Integrative Health Consortium, one of our main goals is to develop an INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIVE NETWORK OF INTEGRATIVE PEDIATRICS.